We’re proud of our partners in meeting the needs of business!

Spectrum Industries is the premier manufacturer of furnishing products that incorporate innovative designs with technology & communications equipment.

Bose is known to discerning customers throughout the world as a provider of quality home cinema, music and loudspeaker systems. Wherever good sound is needed, Bose is there.

Sharp logo

Sharp flat panel displays provide crisp, clean, high contrast images capable of displaying all of today’s most demanding content. Displays are available in HD, UHD and even 3D.

Liberty AV Solutions logo

Liberty produces top quality cable & custom wall plates and is partnered with a diverse set of suppliers to provide modern digital technologies. Their product line will give your smart room the professional edge and finished look today’s clients expect.

One of the most important parts of any project is what goes into the walls and ceilings to deliver signal throughout your location. Four Star Wire is a leading supplier of just about every type of wire there is.  Four Star products will meet or exceed your expectations.

Whether hanging a projector from the ceiling or a display on the wall, Chief’s ability to deliver a safe and easy-to-use solution will not only keep your equipment where it belongs, but it’ll make it look like it’s part of the room.

Extron is a leading manufacturer of audio/video equipment and control systems. Specializing in today’s digital technologies, Extron makes a product to fit just about every situation; from the simplest signal distribution to the most complex switching requirements.  For 30 years, Extron has provided customers with rock solid, user-friendly products.

Cisco is leading the way in the telecommunication industry. From digital phone systems to telepresence, Cisco has something to fit every need.  With unified call management, everything from basic phone service to real time video calls can be handled seamlessly and efficiently.